Life at the Resort

There is more than hospitality happening at this 5 star resort.

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Life at the Resort: Where rumors are spread and secrets are said.

There is more than hospitality happening at this famous Five Star Resort. In just one day the problems and plots of guests and staff unfold.

From the failing romances to shocking rumors and revelations within the hotel staff, the colorful cast of characters play out their love triangles and intrigues while patrons dine, plots thicken, mistresses’ fume, fortunes fail and blackmail schemes go bust. 

The roller coaster of surprises at this resort gives us an entertaining emotional ride filled with laughter, tears and love.

indie comedy, politically incorrect, un-romantic, Marc Singer, Adrian R'Mante, Vail Bloom, rumors, Hollywood Resort, Award winning, Louis Mandylor, Kiko Ellsworth, Patrika Darbo, Marisa Petroro, Ravi Kapoor, Joanne Baron, Riley Bodenstab

Starring Marc Singer, Adrian R'Mante, Vail Bloom, Marisa Petroro, Louis Mandylor, Patrika Darbo, Kiko Ellsworth, Joanne Baron, Ravi Kapoor, Susan Grace, Julie Craig, Bryan Becker, Mark Doerr, Richard Chiu, Jeff Sable, Sarah Pettycrew Kania, Marianne J. Murphy, Yetem Kefale, Alia Rhiana Eckerman, Zander Villayne, Jon Seminara, Thurston Cherry, Riley Bodenstab, Evan Campbell, Deborah Ishida, C.D. Taylor, Adam LeBow, Kelly Kearns, Luz Maria Utrera, Jo'Sei Ikeda, Joseph Anthony, Shannon Carol, Truly Magyar, Jacque Lawson, Sonia Keshishian
Produced by Jeff Sable, Marianne J. Murphy, Sarah Pettycrew Kania, Yetem Kefale, Alia Rhiana Eckerman  Written by Deon C. van Rooyen, David Higlen  Directed by Jeff Sable, Zander Villayne

  • New York International Film Festival | Best Comedy Feature
  • Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema | The Jeff Stone Award, Best of Festival (Audience Choice)

LanguageCurse words used in multiple instances
SexSexual references or acts of romance
ViolenceNo violence
DrugsNo drug use or references
NudityNo Nudity
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Released 2011
Genre Comedy
Rentals Last 72 hours
Runtime 01:30
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